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Pony Fashion Friday: September 30, 2011

By Sam, New Ponies & Merch Editor

Lots and lots of new shirts this week!


Rarity "Deal With It" (Men's)
Navy, Black, Cream

Brony Rage (Men's)
Red, Navy, Lemonade

Pinkie Moon (Men's)
Light Blue, Navy, Black

Feeling Pinkie Keen (Men's)
Royal Blue, Black, Silver

Fezzes Are Cool (Men's)
Coffee, Black, Silver

Cutie Mark Crusaders Tour (Men's)
Black, Red, Charcoal

House Pinkie Pie (Men's)
Red, Black, Light Blue

Brony Bebop (Men's)
Black, Navy, Charcoal

Luna Nouveau (Men's)
Black, Charcoal

i Dunno LOL (Men's)
White, Turquoise 

Magneto Pony (Men's)
Purple, Red, Black
DJ P0N-3 Sparkle (Women's) (Men's)
Black, Pink in women's
Black, Navy, Red in men's
CMC Cover (Men's)
White, Silver
Pinkie Pie Chocolate Rain (Men's)

Rarity Cutie Mark (Men's)

Twilight Sparkle Cutie Mark (Men's)

Applejack Cutie Mark (Men's)
Fluttershy Cutie Mark (Men's)

Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark (Men's)

Trixie Cutie Mark (Men's)

Keep Calm and Canter On (Men's) (Women's)
Black, Purple, Red


Flying Rainbow Dash (Men's)


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