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Pony Fashion Friday: November 11, 2011

By Sam, New Ponies & Merch Editor

New t-shirts from WeLoveFine:

P0N-3 Reflective
Limited Run!

Shadowbolts Reflective
Limited Run!

Wonderbolts "Ride the Lightning" (Mens)
Black, Charcoal, Royal Blue

Scoot Scoot (Mens) (Womens)
Black, Purple in mens
Black, Grape in womens

Wonderbolts Crest (Mens)
Black, Turquoise

Rainbow Dash "Exceed the Speed" (Mens) (Womens)
Black, Charcoal, Royal Blue in mens
Black, Turquoise in womens

Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark (Womens)

AJ/RD Buck in Black (Mens) (Womens)
Black, Charcoal, Red in mens
Black, Cement, Red in womens

Discord (Mens)
Black, Charcoal

Sweetie Belle Derailed (Mens)
Black, Charcoal, Purple

Apple Bloom "One Day" (Mens)
White, Black, Turquoise

Awkward Family Photo (Mens)
Turquoise, Black, Lemonade

New bags from WeLoveFine:

Applejack "Horse Apples" Messenger Bag
Sage, Natural, Royal Blue

Applejack "Horse Apples" Tote
Light Blue, Natural, Black

Derpy Mail Tote
Light Blue, Natural

Pinkie Pie "Party Hard" Tote

Rainbow Dash Melt Tote
Natural, Black, Pink

Derped Messenger Bag
Royal Blue, Natural, Sage

Wonderbolts Crest Messenger Bag
Royal Blue, Natural

Pony Joe's Messenger Bag
Natural, Sage, Red

Cloudsdale Weather Factor Messenger Bag
Natural, Royal Blue

New hoodies from WeLoveFine:

Cloudsdale Weather Factory

Rainbow Dash "Awesome"
Black, Burgundy

Fluttershy "Yay"
Navy, Black

Sweetie Belle "Dumb Fabric"
Navy, Charcoal

Derpy Hooves
Charcoal, Navy, Burgundy

New styles from WeLoveFine:

From Kohl's:

My Little Pony G1 (Womens)


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