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Pony Fashion Friday... er Saturday: December 3, 2011

A day late and I apologize! Life got in the way of pony clothes.

New t-shirts from WeLoveFine:

Tank is Best Pet (Mens)
Coffee, Cream, Light Blue

R. Dash and Tank (Mens)
Coffee, Cream, Light Blue

Future P0N-3 (Mens)

Rainbow Dash "Awesome" (Mens)
Black, Navy, Red

Fluttershy "Free As a Butterfly" (Mens)
Black, Coffee, Cream

Rainbow Path (Mens)
Black, Royal Blue, Turquoise
Mare Do Well (Mens) (Womens)

Twilight Sparkle Magic (Mens)
Black, Cream, Silver

Celestia Flare (Mens)
Black, Cream, Silver

New hoodies from WeLoveFine:

Fluttershy "Yay" Zip-Up
Black, Collegiate Blue, Heather Charcoal

Future P0N-3
Black, Heather Charcoal, Heather Navy

Daft P0N-3

Rainbow Dash

New bags from WeLoveFine:

Twilight Sparkle "Read A Book" Messenger Bag
Natural, Royal Blue, Sage

Twilight Sparkle "Read A Book" Backpack
Turquoise, Natural, Black
And elsewhere:

Two new My Little Pony t-shirts were found at FYE, both featuring Rainbow Dash.

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