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Special Edition Blind Bags

By Sam, New Ponies & Merch Editor

This post is super delayed, and I apologize for that. News of these ponies has been circulating for a while. I'm not sure whether or not to refer to them as Wave 4 since they are all glittery or shiny, which is not typical of blind bags thus far, so I am going to refer to this set as Special Edition. Anyway, here they are!

Rainbow Dash (Glitter Version V2)

Rarity (Glitter Version V2)

Twilight Sparkle (Glitter Version V2)

Pinkie Pie (Glitter Version V2)

Fluttershy (Glitter Version V2)

Applejack (Glitter Version V2)

Rarity (Special Edition)

Applejack (Special Edition)

Pinkie Pie (Special Edition)

Lulamoon (a.k.a. Trixie)


Berry Green

Peachy Sweet


Twilight Sky

Electric Sky

Mosely Orange

Merry May

Amethyst Star

Royal Riff

Twilight Velvet



Crimson Gala

Thanks to My Little Pony G4 for the names and images.


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