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2012 Toy Fair - Wedding Items and Blind Bags

By Sam, New Ponies & Merch Editor

Lots of news from the 2012 Toy Fair. Thanks to Idle Hands and My Little Pony G4 for this info!

The wedding will be a big focus in 2012. We have already seen the Pony Princess Wedding Castle and talking Princess Cadence, but those are just the tip of the pastel-colored ice berg.

18 Playful Pony figures will be released with wedding-themed accessories.

Glimmer Wings Fluttershy and Daisy Dreams will see a release this year.

Bridesmaids ponies! Four bridesmaids ponies are slated for release and will come in packs of two. No mane six? I wonder who is going to be left out?

"Forever Friends" pack - The Cutie Mark Crusaders will star as the flower girls in the wedding.

We may be seeing re-releases of the Fashion Style ponies this year, or perhaps new ponies entirely? We'll see!

The blind bags--referred to as "clipstrips"--will continue to be released. The article claims that all three waves will be found this year. Woohoo!!

The article also mentions another release of talking Princess Celestia, and further releases of the train set ponies.


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