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Four new posters! Including season 2 cast, villains, and map of Equestria.

By Sam, Editor in Chief

Four new posters are being given away for free with purchase of pony merchandise at Walmart.
I had the best day of pony hunting ever! Not only did I find pretty much everything from Crystal ponies to new pony plushies to a complete box of Wave 3 Blind Bags to white Celestia, but the Butler, PA Walmart near my my doctor's office had FREE posters when you purchase said swag! I bought pretty much everything so they let me away with two copies of each of the four designs!  - Pixelkitties
Fans of the ponyverse will be pleased to see the release of a canon map of Equestria. Other designs include the season two cast, (a sequel to the 2011 SDCC exclusive poster), FiM villains and antagonists, and lastly, the Canterlot wedding party.

Images and info thanks to Equestria Daily. You can also see Pixelkitties' Tumblr post here.

Photo of pony display plus all four poster designs
Close-up of Equestrian map


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