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Toy Fair 2013 - New photos from Toyark, and some corrections

Toyark posted even more photos from Toy Fair 2013.

Better look at the TRU exclusives. The filly is indeed Diamond Tiara. The purple pony is not Lotus Blossom/spa pony as previously noted. She is a pony fan named Lyrica (official name may vary).

"Elements of Harmony Friends" with Nightmare Moon, Manny Roar (manticore), Fluttershy, Rarity, and Steven Magnet (sea serpent). Rarity appears to be the regular blind bag figure we are used to seeing, and not the new mold with the cropped tail from the last post. Official release may vary.

More blind bag-esque figures including Flim, Twist, Silver Spoon, and clear Granny Smith.

Design-a-Pony Princess Luna, another shot of Princess Twilight Sparkle, and a Pinkie Pie wearing a masquerade mask.

Some liscensed merch, some new and some we have already seen.

The Toyark page includes even more pictures, including more licensed merchandise not picture here.

(via Toyark)


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