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About MLP News
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Pony Slang

About My Little Pony News:

My Little Pony News is your unofficial source for events, coupons, contests, new products, and other news from the world of My Little Pony.

My Little Pony News is based in Orange County, California, USA.

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My Little Pony News is an affiliate of Partnering with this site helps to support MLP News, and allows us to continue to bring our readers all the latest information on My Little Pony. It is our policy to not post links specifically for affiliate marketing, but since we often link to retailers anyway, it made sense to take advantage of this program.

 My Little Pony is a registered trademark of Hasbro; My Little Pony News is not affiliated with Hasbro.

My Little Pony News Staff:

Former Staff:

Kate (aka Pengwen on the MLP Arena and MLPTP)
Founder, Former Editor in Chief

Kate founded My Little Pony News in October of 2009, and served as its Editor in Chief until June 2012.


Q: Why did my comment get removed?

A: Comments with offensive language, or which MLP News considers to be rude or offensive, will be deleted. Which isn't to say you can't say anything negative: criticism of ponies or articles is welcomed, provided I feel it adds to the conversation, or at least isn't rude. For example, "I'm not really liking the looks of the new TV series, the ponies look like powerpuff deer" would be ok; "End it all! die! die!" is not ok.

Also, please refrain from cursing. While this site is geared towards adult pony fans, it is about My Little Pony, and thus may attract some kiddos. Posts with cursing will be deleted.

This is admittedly totally objective, and if you feel your comment was unfairly removed, please contact me to discuss it. However, I do reserve the right remove comments as I see fit.

Q: Can I use your photo on my site?

A: Most of the images on MLP News are from other sources, and the source is generally cited under the image. You are welcome to use any images cited as being by MLP News but please 1) credit and link to MLP News, and 2) as a courtesy, please contact me and tell me you're using my image, preferably with a link. Please contact the image source for any images not by MLP News.

As MLP News is a news reporting blog, we use images from other sources under fair use, and always try to cite our sources. However, as a courtesy we will remove images if we receive a request from the owner of the image. Use the contact form to submit a request. Please also contact me if an image is not cited correctly, and I will correct the citation.

Q: I'm having trouble finding the page I'm looking for. Is there a problem with the search bar?

A: Our search bar doesn't always work - it's a problem with blogger. Until blogger fixes it, you might have better luck searching on google. Search using the words " KEYWORD", and replace "KEYWORD" with whatever search terms your looking for.

Pony Slang:

My Little Pony collectors use their own language to describe ponies. Terms like "G1", "nirvana", and a plethora of acronyms get thrown around, a shorthand that can be confusing to new and non-collectors. My Little Pony News now endeavors to limit their use of pony slang and terms, so that none of its readers will get confused. But in older articles less care was used, and slip-ups will inevitably occur going forward.

If you come across an unfamiliar term in your reading, StarryPawz's Pony Slang/Terms Page may help. Also, please take a moment and contact My Little Pony News and let me know where the slip-up occurred, so that the article can be corrected or clarified for other readers.

(Note: My Little Pony News is not affiliated with StarryPawz's site, and only provides the Pony Terms/Slang link as a convenience to its readers.)