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Notes From Lauren Faust's deviantArt Page Comments

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Occasionally I've posted notes from Lauren Faust's deviantArt page. However, I must admit I've been a bit inconsistent in keeping up with the comments there. So here's me catching up on what I've missed from the 300 or so pages of comments.

On serial plots:
"*fyre-flye Oct 16, 2010
Networks do not tend to like serialized stories because they do not get good ratings in repeats. So an over-arching plot, unfortunately, was out of the question."
On the influence of Lord of the Rings:
"*fyre-flye Nov 22, 2010
...In fact, Canterlot, a big citadel built into the side of a mountain, was inspired by Gondor. I call it "Gondor for Girls.""
On Bridle Gossip:
"~Exclusive-Cheese Dec 10, 2010
Wait, so ponies are racist?

*fyre-flye Dec 10, 2010

*fyre-flye Dec 10, 2010
I'm joking btw. They can be overly fearful just as any one can. That was, like, the whole lesson of the episode.

*fyre-flye Dec 10, 2010
Although watching the behavior of 6 ponies and jumping to the conclusion that ALL ponies are like that is stereotyping, isn't it.

tsk tsk tsk"
On Fillydelphia:
"~3and20characters Dec 18, 2010
Hey, Ms. Faust, this might seem like the weirdest thing but I really loved the Fillydelphia pun in the last episode, because I live in Philadelphia. It was funny to imagine a pony version of it for a while.

*fyre-flye Dec 18, 2010
Hee hee--- thanks. Most of my family is from Philly!

It was my original name for Ponyville, but my bosses preferred I use the established name."
On background music:
"~DizzyPacce Dec 18, 2010
This latest episode had some REALLY AMAZING background music, but it begs a question!

Do you lot use a music synthesizer program or do you have an actual orchestra?

Just curious. Anyway, keep up the good work!

*fyre-flye Dec 18, 2010

No one uses real orchestration in children's television. It cost's ten times as much and takes 3 times as long. Probably more on both counts."
On inspiration and cutie marks:
"*fyre-flye Dec 20, 2010
Big Mac's size and hairy feet were directly inspired by the Big Brother Ponies (or as I call them, the Village Ponies.) And the baby ponies were inspired by the original baby MLP, Ember, who had no symbol on her butt. As a kid, I just assumed that meant they got them when they were older. I don't know if that was the the original toy developers' intent, but that's what I took from it when I was 8."
On geography:
"*fyre-flye Feb 18, 2011
I know it's been touched on, but not completely defined. I think Everfree is West of Ponyville. AJ's farm is South West and Fluttershy's cottage and meadow North of her farm, right on the edge of the Everfree Forest (ironically.) I couldn't say where Whitetail Wood is, to be honest, and Canterlot is Noth East."
Sweetie Belle's singing voice:
"*fyre-flye Feb 26, 2011
Michele Creber (Apple Bloom's voice) sings for Sweetie Belle. She blew me away when she auditioned!!"
On Rarity and Sweetie Belle:
"*fyre-flye Feb 26, 2011
Oh, and Rarity's old/mature enough to live on her own. Sweetie Belle just visits."
On Earth Ponies:
"*fyre-flye Mar 3, 2011
While not magical like the other pony types, Earth Ponies do have a connection to the land that other types do not. In Equestria, growing food and tending animals (Fluttershy's talent with animals is unusual for a pegasus, I always imagined she feels more at home on the ground than in the sky) is just as necessary, as managing weather and magic. Perhaps more important, don't you think? They are ponies, not people, so perhaps appreciating each other as equals is not so difficult for them."
On genetics:
"~IcyAshford Mar 18, 2011
Hi Ms Faust, I'm a fan from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. My boyfriend and I just love watching your series together.

Here's a question I've been thinking for some time since I read that pegasus unicorn ponies are very rare. So I can't help but wonder about pony genetics.

If Celestia & Luna are pegasus unicorns, can I assume one parent was a pegasus and another was a unicorn? If so, are the pegasus and unicorn genes are both dominant genes while the earth pony genes are recessive?

I mean, I know if a pegasus male and a pegasus female mated, the offspring would most likely be a pegasus.

What if a pegasus male mated with an earth female? Would half the offspring be pegasi and the other half be regular earth ponies? However, if I assume that the pegasus gene is dominant, all the offspring would pegasus ponies.

Sorry for the long comment. The scientist in me has been activated for a while ever since I saw the show.

*fyre-flye Mar 19, 2011
I don't usually dwell too much on those types of issues--- I find if you apply too much logic to things, you can miss out on a lot of fun ideas. Because we have the element of magic in the show, I like to think that all sorts of brological and scientific things are sort of muddled up by it in a way that's accepted and/or understood by ponies, but undefinable for us.

It's like the Force, it a weird sort of way---- I liked it when it was mysterious and undefinable. When they put midichlorians into the mix, the Force was totally ruined for me. I want to know the Force is strong in someone because a powerful Jedi told me, not because of a blood test!!! No fun!"
On Luna:
"*fyre-flye Mar 20, 2011
...Luna is not yet full grown, and some sort of evil magic turned her into Night Mare Moon. When she grows to an adult, her real form will not look so much like NMM."
On Over a Barrel:
"*Czarine-the-Restless Mar 25, 2011
A lot of people on discussion forums and IRC channels are annoyed or even offended by the Native American stereotype in the latest episode, calling it racist and what not... Is there anything you'd like to tell these people to change their minds or at least make them feel better about it?

I myself am convinced this episode was great, but some people just can't let this go for some reason...

*fyre-flye Mar 25, 2011
We worked with an official Native Consultant on this episode and did revisions according to all his notes."
On Celestia's Nephew:
"~DiddyJakal Mar 30, 2011
You know, I was checking out FiM the other day when I heard about Princess Celestia having a nephew named Prince Astron? Since when did Princess Luna have a son? Did the father commit suicide or something? I would love to know.

*fyre-flye 6 days ago
He's the great great great great great great great great great great great (and probably even more greats) nephew on Celestia's and Luna's mother's side, about 52 times removed, roughly speaking. I would have preferred to call him a Duke, but someone in the approval process thought kids wouldn't know what a Duke is. Luna and Celestia have no siblings and no children. Also that's a fan name, he has no official name on the show."
There was also a comment that Applejack raises pigs for truffles. Or, in other words, not for meat, as ponies seem to be vegetarians (mmm, daffodil and daisy sandwiches). (Let's assume Pinkie Pie only likes tofu hot dogs). Unfortunately I lost the page, and thus the exact quote. If anyone knows the exact quote, or where in the 300 plus pages of comments I read this, please let me know.


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